Thursday, May 17, 2007

Flashback: Putinjugend monopolized the patriotism

I can't tell why i didn't search for this information before, may be because I didn't really mind about National-Bolshevistic Party (NBP) those days. Only today I've managed to find their declaration on the known events.

Among other it's sad there, that police special forces around the Estonian embassy in Moscow detain all the protesters who don't belong to movements blessed by Putin's administration.

It was to expect that Limonov's party will be strictly against any actions made to the monument. Actually the reflection motivated me for research was that Putinjugend might perform their attacks on the Estonian embassy in order to be quicker than NBP, and so, to get all the glory. Already in January, after the law about military burial places was passed, NBP performed some attacks on Estonian consulates in Saint-Petersburg and Minsk. In last case by mistake the ink bottles have hit the consulate of Latvia, which is located in the former building of the Estonian consulate. One should admit, that usually NBP is the quickest force to perform some public protests, moreover the Baltic countries or, better say, Russian-speaking minorities are among their interests.

On the other hand, Putinjugend gathered next to the embassy only 27.04 afternoon, sure they needed some preparation like inflatable tank, the uniform and so on. There's no need of such preparations for an ink-bombing action. BTW, meetings were going on for several days already from 11:00 to 18:00, but no one didn't really mind about them until that day. So, why the NBP did nothing? The most probable explanation would be, that NBP is an ally of Kasparov and Kasyanov, performing together Marches of Objectors. All those forces form the movement "Russia without Putin", so can be that the old thesis "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" is working here as well.

What i find to be funny, that here we've got the reaction which is diametrically opposite of what would be expected: "radicals" write a declaration and "governmental organizations" go to attack the embassy. Quite a nice projection of the situation in the state.


kloty said...

Few weeks ago I wrote translated an article about Nashi in Indymedia.

Regarding todays news about the protests in Samara, Putin has a very easy game to respond. He could just point on what is happening in Germany right now before G8 summit, I don't see a big difference here. It is always the same, having two different opinions about two similiar things.

antonius said...

Yes, you are right in some meaning, but actually the two situations are similar only from in outward appearance. The reasons are pretty different IMHO. But of course one can see the similarities between NBP and left extremists in Germany.

antonius said...

BTW, that's eggzacty what Putin have sad.